Merestead, Mount Kisco

Merestead is a county park in Mount Kisco that features a few miles of trails and a crumbling estate. Luckily, it’s been in the news lately that the county is working on some plans for restoration of the mansion and some improvements to the grounds. While there’s something really compelling and romantic about a grand house in need of repairs, it’s definitely for the best that they get things under control and allow residents to enjoy this hundred-year-old home that was donated decades ago. I took a hike there earlier this summer and am excited to see how it evolves.

In addition to the main house, there are some outbuildings around the property, in similar states of charming disrepair.

In the heat of midsummer, there were few herps to be found anywhere, though there is a lovely stream and some swampy areas to better explore another time. I encountered a mother deer and fawn, but wasn’t quick enough to get more than a parting shot.

However, there were a number of beautiful butterflies flitting through the meadows.

They’ll probably need to update the trail map, too. And yes, one of the points of interest listed is a pet cemetery…

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