This evening I visited one of the Audubon Society’s EagleWatch sites on the Hudson. Each week, at each site, volunteers record conditions (such as temperature, ice on the river, cloud cover, etc.) and count how many bald eagles are seen. The idea is to catch them as they settle down to roost for the evening. I learned tonight that they only use the nests for eggs, and roost in the trees along the river to rest.

There was one eagle perched nearby who apparently had spent all afternoon there. His mate came and joined him briefly, and was making lots of noise.

I don’t know much about other kinds of birds, but we saw plenty of them before the fog rolled in and obscured the view. There was a Snow Goose there among the Canada Geese, which I was told is an unusual sight for Westchester.

Snow Goose hanging out with Canada Geese.

Before too long the fog enveloped everything and it became difficult to see very far, impeding the eagle-counting efforts. I hope to return over the next few weeks, but I will be stationed in this spot Saturday afternoon during EagleFest. It’s supposed to be sunny, clear and cold, which should make for some different pictures!

Greater Cormorants
Ring-beaked gulls (I think)

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