Raptors are birds of prey that hunt using their talons. Westchester County is home to eagles, hawks, owls and others throughout the year

We are very lucky to be privy to two seasonal events–hawks migrating in the fall and bald eagles nesting in the winter.

Raptor Species

When you see a huge bird soaring in the sky or perched on a tree branch, do you know what you’re looking at? Learn more about the various species that call Westchester home.

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Citizen Science

Learn more about HawkWatch and EagleWatch happening locally each fall and winter, as well as several national citizen science projects for would-be birders.

Resources, Events & Ideas

  • Take an online course in raptor identification from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
  • Visit raptors at nature centers. Typically these birds have been injured and nursed back to health by a rehabilitator, but they cannot be returned successfully to the wild.
  • Read H is for Hawk, a memoir about one woman’s grief and her relationship with a goshawk.
  • Visit Teatown’s EagleFest in February.